A European Strategy to deliver a Better Internet for our Children

Posted in: Child Protection&Online Safety at 03/10/2019 14:46

Today, children in Europe are going online on different devices even younger than few years ago. They start using the Internet before being able to read or write. Internet use has become more mobile and personalized. At the same time, many young children say there are not enough good things for them to do online. There is no doubt that in today's environment children need the skills and tools for using the Internet safely and responsibly.

In May 2012 we set out a European Strategy for a Better Internet for Children to give children the digital skills and tools they need to fully and safely benefit from being online. It also aims to unlock the potential of the market for interactive, creative and educational online content. The strategy proposes a series of actions grouped around the following main goals:

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Being online is an essential part of the lives of today’s children and young people. By nature they are curious, and whether they are surfing the internet, gaming or using their favourite apps, they want to have fun, explore, be inspired and inspire others.

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