Inside a massive cyber ANU hack that risks compromising future leaders around the globe

Posted in: Legal & Security at 02/10/2019 19:14

Without anyone clicking on a link, a massive cyber attack of unprecedented sophistication gained access to private information of potentially high-ranking officials across the globe.

Thanks to the release of a 5,000-word report into the incident, the public can see for the fist time how sophisticated and extensive the attack on the ANU was.

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Inside a massive cyber hack that risks compromising leaders across the globe
One email was all it took for hackers to steal some of the most personal information from people potentially now in high-ranking roles across the globe.

The cyber attack was so sophisticated it didn’t even need the person to click on a link or open a document to compromise decades worth of private information.

The email was sent to a senior staff member at the Australian National University (ANU) in November last year.

A person working closely with that staff member previewed the email before deleting it — but it was too late.

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