Australians being stopped from watching live-streamed murders and terror attacks

Posted in: Government & Policy at 09/09/2019 22:59

New powers introduced after the Christchurch terror attack are being used by Australian esafety authorities to remove abhorrent violent material online, including live-streamed murders.

Internet and hosting providers, including social media companies like Facebook, are required to "expeditiously remove abhorrent violent material" or face harsh penalties, including up to three years in prison.

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Australian internet providers told to block websites hosting Christchurch terror video
Australian internet service providers have been ordered to block eight websites hosting video of the Christchurch terrorist attacks.

In March, shortly after the Christchurch massacre, Australian telecommunications companies and internet providers began proactively blocking websites hosting the video of the Christchurch shooter murdering more than 50 people or the shooter’s manifesto.

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