Millions of Facebook Records Found on Amazon Cloud Servers

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Facebook Inc. user data is still showing up in places it shouldn’t.

Researchers at UpGuard, a cybersecurity firm, found troves of user information hiding in plain sight, inadvertently posted publicly on Inc.’s cloud computing servers. The discovery shows that a year after the Cambridge Analytica scandal exposed how unsecure and widely disseminated Facebook users’ information is online, companies that control that information at every step still haven’t done enough to seal up private data.

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Facebook removes exposed user records stored on Amazon's servers
Facebook Inc said on Wednesday it had taken down the data bases containing its user data from Inc’s cloud servers after a report from cybersecurity firm UpGuard pointed to millions of exposed records.

UpGuard’s Cyber Risk team said Mexico City-based digital platform Cultura Colectiva openly stored 540 million records on Facebook users, including identification numbers, comments, reactions and account names.

Facebook Data of Millions Exposed in Leaky Datasets
Hundreds of millions of Facebook records – including account names and plaintext passwords – have been found in two separate publicly-exposed app datasets.

The first publicly-exposed dataset originates from a Mexico-based media company, Cultura Colectiva, and contains over 540 million records including comments, likes, reactions, account names and more. The second publicly-exposed backup, a Facebook-integrated app titled At the Pool, exposed plaintext Facebook passwords for 22,000 users and other data. Both exposed databases have been secured, researchers said.

Millions of sensitive Facebook user records were left exposed on public web, security researchers say
More than 540 million Facebook records — including users’ comments, likes, account names and more — were left exposed by a third-party company on an Amazon cloud-computing server, researchers disclosed on Wednesday, marking the latest major privacy and security mishap to plague the social-networking giant.

The trove is one of two data sets discovered to be in full public view by the security firm UpGuard, which also raised alarms with an app developer that mishandled Facebook records that included users’ interests and potentially their app passwords.

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