Cuba, Google move to improve island's connectivity

Posted in: Internet Use/New Technologies at 30/03/2019 18:18

Cuba and Google signed a deal Thursday moving the island one step closer to having a state-of-the-art connection to the modern internet.

The American internet giant and the Cuban government agreed to create a seamless, cost-free connection between their two networks once Cuba is able to physically connect to a new undersea fiber-optic cable that would be laid sometime in the future.

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Google, Cuba agree to work toward improving island's connectivity
Alphabet Inc’s Google signed a deal with Cuban telecoms monopoly ETECSA on Thursday to work toward improving internet traffic exchange between their two networks and connectivity on the Communist-run island.

Internet laggard Cuba has sought to increase web access in recent years, introducing cybercafes, Wi-Fi hotspots and mobile internet, but users still complain of the cost, sluggish connection and spotty coverage.

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