Fewer than 200 people watched the New Zealand massacre live. A hateful group helped it reach millions

Posted in: Internet Use/New Technologies at 20/03/2019 15:39

As the New Zealand gunman live-streamed the massacre onto Facebook, fewer than 200 people watched. The social network said its moderators removed it sometime after a user first reported it as troubling, 29 minutes after the stream began.

But on the anonymous message board 8chan, where the gunman had announced his “attack against the invaders” with a link to the live footage, a nameless group had already been racing to save, preserve and re-upload the video in corners of the Web where it’d be harder to take down.

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Tech consortium flags more than 800 versions of New Zealand attack video
A consortium of global technology firms has shared on its collective database the digital fingerprints of more than 800 versions of the video of New Zealand’s mass shootings that killed 50 people, it said on Monday.

While it was not the first internet broadcast of a violent crime, the livestream of the massacre showed that stopping gory footage from spreading online persists as a major challenge for tech companies despite years of investment.

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