Elizabeth Warren Proposes Breaking Up Tech Giants Like Amazon and Facebook

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Senator Elizabeth Warren, the Massachusetts Democrat who is bidding to be the policy pacesetter in the Democratic presidential primary, championed another expansive idea on Friday evening in front of a crowd of thousands in Queens: a regulatory plan aimed at breaking up some of America’s largest tech companies, including Amazon, Google, Apple and Facebook.

At a rally in Long Island City, the neighborhood that was to be home to a major new Amazon campus, Ms. Warren laid out her proposal calling for regulators who would undo some tech mergers, as well as legislation that would prohibit platforms from both offering a marketplace for commerce and participating in that marketplace.

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Elizabeth Warren is right – we must break up Facebook, Google and Amazon by Robert Reich
The presidential hopeful Elizabeth Warren announced on Friday she wants to bust up giants like Facebook, Google and Amazon.

America’s first Gilded Age began in the late 19th century with a raft of innovations – railroads, steel production, oil extraction – but culminated in mammoth trusts run by “robber barons” like JP Morgan, John D Rockefeller, and William H “the public be damned” Vanderbilt.

Elizabeth Warren Imagines Big Tech After the Breakup
Senator Elizabeth Warren on Friday laid out a detailed plan for breaking up Facebook Inc., Google, and Amazon.com Inc., which she said have become so big and powerful that they’re damaging the U.S. economy and American democracy.

Warren, a Democrat from Massachusetts, joins a growing chorus across the political spectrum voicing concern about the power of Silicon Valley and proposing some kind of government action. But her proposal is notable for a few reasons. First, Warren is running for president, and her decision to stake out a spot as a strong tech critic is an indicator of what Silicon Valley can expect as the 2020 campaign heats up. Warren also not only expressed a desire to break up big tech companies, but articulated what should come afterwards – unusual detail for a public official trying to win votes in a broad, national election.

Elizabeth Warren vows to break up tech giants if elected in 2020
US Democrat Elizabeth Warren has proposed breaking up tech giants like Amazon, Facebook and Google if elected to the US presidency in 2020.

Seeking to stand out in a crowded Democratic field, Ms Warren told a crowd in Queens, New York, that she was "sick of freeloading billionaires".

Her regulatory plan would reverse some tech mergers and stop companies from competing on their own platforms.

This would promote competition and safeguard small businesses, she said.

Elizabeth Warren's call to disband tech giants is a step in the right direction
Democratic presidential candidate and Senator Elizabeth Warren argued in a blog post on Friday that "it's time to break up Amazon, Google, and Facebook." The reason, she says, is because they have become such large monopolies that they're stifling competition from smaller startups and therefore impeding opportunities and innovation.

Does Elizabeth Warren’s breakup plan for the tech giants mark the end of a political romance?
Some of the Democrats jockeying to win the White House in 2020 are taking aim at Facebook, Google and other tech giants, opening a major new rift between the party and an industry it has courted politically for years.

The latest example came Friday, when Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts unleashed the most aggressive attack to date on Amazon, Facebook and Google, pledging that if she becomes president in 2020 she will break each of those companies apart and rein in others that have “too much power over our economy, our society, and our democracy.”

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