IEEE's 5G and Beyond Roadmap Provides Details About the New Communication Network

Posted in: Mobile & Wireless at 10/02/2019 00:11

Many are predicting that 5G will be this year’s hot technology. But people are still unclear about what the new communication network is and how it will benefit them. This article should help clear up some confusion.

There’s been a lot of news media coverage in recent weeks about 5G. During a panel discussion held at this month’s Consumer Electronics Show, telecom representatives talked about how the next generation wireless will enable the future. They predicted that 5G devices will be available by 2020.

But before you see them on store shelves, a lot of issues need to be resolved by manufacturers, network operators, and service providers, among others.

The IEEE 5G Initiative recently released its “5G and Beyond Technology Roadmap” white paper to set the stage for collaboration to assess the current state of the industry and identify the elements that address near- and long-term needs, challenges, and solutions.

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