Data Protection Day 2019

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On 28 January 2019, the 13th edition of Data Protection Day will be celebrated globally. It aims at raising awareness on the right to data protection. The Council of Europe, initiator of this important celebration, continues to play a leading role by encouraging and showcasing initiatives held on this occasion.

Celebrated yearly at the same date, Data Protection Day marks the anniversary of the opening for signature of Convention 108, the global data protection Convention.

The main goal of this day is to educate the public on data protection challenges, and inform the individuals about their rights and how to exercise them. In this perspective, the first Stefano Rodotà Award, established by the Committee of Convention 108, will honour innovative and original academic research projects in the field of data protection. The winners will be announced on the occasion of this special date.

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Hope is stronger than fear: ENISA celebrates the European Data Protection Day
ENISA today celebrates the 13th European Data Protection Day. This date marks the anniversary of the Council of Europe Convention 108 on the protection of personal information that provides an impetus for the protection of personal data in the EU allaying the fear of abuse and malpractice.

On this occasion, ENISA shares some of its work in the fields of shaping technology according to GDPR provisions and security of personal data processing.

Data Protection Day 2019
Today is Data Protection Day and once again everybody is picking up on a topic which has dominated headlines throughout last year when the GDPR finally became applicable.

Let me be honest with you: talking about data protection in the law enforcement community is sometimes still difficult. Since taking over the position of Executive Director in May 2018, I have travelled extensively across Europe. I have spoken to countless law enforcement representatives in order to understand what their precise needs are. I wanted to know their views on how we at Europol can provide them with even better support. Some of these conversations have rather quickly revolved around issues that have a very close link to data protection.

This Data Privacy Day Take Steps to Protect Your Data
As champions of an open, globally-secure, and trusted Internet, International Data Privacy Day is a big deal around these parts.

But making sure you’re able to share what you want, when you want, should be something the world stands for more than once a year. Every day should be Data Privacy Day.

These days, it feels all too common to hear stories about policy or law enforcement officials trying to create backdoors into technologies like encryption. These backdoors could put our online security at risk.

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