How risky is the Internet? Researchers say 42%

Posted in: Legal & Security at 19/08/2018 22:09

When you visit a website, you can open your computer to a lot more danger than you might think. All sites load their own content, some load ads served by an ad network, some load content served by other sites, and some load services hosted by other sites. Often, you’re receiving a pretty motley assortment of visible and invisible code.

Sounds like something you need to worry about only on shady or small sites, right? Wrong: A recent analysis by Menlo Security of the world’s most-visited websites shows nearly half still leave visitors open to vulnerable software, too much active content, and large amounts of code execution — in other words, a lot of potential danger. Ultimately, the researchers deemed 42% of the Alexa Top 100,000 “risky.”

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