Time constructs: Discursive temporality in the future Internet

Posted in: Research at 04/08/2018 23:51

Abstract: Critical theorists from Scott Lash to Trebor Scholz, software studies adherents such as Alex Galloway, sociologists including Manuel Castells, and science and technology studies (STS) theorist Judy Wajcman — among others — have pointed out that the mobility, speed, responsiveness, and increasingly real-time characteristics of computer and application interfaces have a great deal to do with the social, economic, and political structure of contemporary society.

What these fields leave relatively undertheorized can best be phrased as a question: How is technology is developed in relation to concepts of time and temporality? This paper supplies an answer, derived from interview and document data regarding a real-time videoconferencing application named Flume, which runs on Named Data Networking (NDN), a NSF-funded Future Internet Architecture (FIA) project that is currently underway.

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