Trolls, fanboys and lurkers: improving online commenting culture

Posted in: Child Protection&Online Safety at 04/06/2018 18:24

    Do you call that a haircut? I hope you didn't pay for it.

    Oh please this is rubbish, you're a disgrace to yourself and your profession.

These are just two examples of comments that have followed articles I have written in my career.

While they may seem benign compared with the sort of violent and vulgar comments that are synonymous with cyberbullying, they are examples of the uncivil and antisocial behaviour that plagues the internet.

If these comments were directed at me in any of my interactions in everyday life — when buying a coffee or at my monthly book club — they would be incredibly hurtful and certainly not inconsequential.

Drawing on my own research, as well as that of researchers in other fields, my new book attempts to help us understand online behaviours, and outlines productive steps we can all take towards creating safer and kinder online interactions.

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