As sensors shrink, watch as 'wearables' disappear; Microsoft Patent for Emotion Detecting Eyeglasses

Posted in: Internet Use/New Technologies at 30/04/2015 13:46

Forget 'wearables', and even 'hearables'. The next big thing in mobile devices: 'disappearables'.

Even as the new Apple Watch piques consumer interest in wrist-worn devices, the pace of innovation and the tumbling cost, and size, of components will make wearables smaller - so small, some in the industry say, that no one will see them.

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Microsoft Awarded Patent for Emotion Detecting Eyeglasses
The artificial-intelligence race could be heading back to the eyeglass shop.

Google Glass may be stumbling, but Microsoft appears to be taking a fresh look at the idea of smart glasses. Microsoft cinched a U.S. patent for Internet-connected, see-through glasses. But here's the twist: They would be able to detect and interpret the emotions of people within their field of vision.

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