Facebook is 69% male and mostly white

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Like many of its Silicon Valley peers, Facebook's workforce and management team is overwhelmingly white and male, according to the social media giant's first diversity report.

Released on Wednesday, the report is the latest in a flurry of voluntary diversity disclosures by high-profile tech firms.

The facts show that 69% of Facebook's global staffers are male. A full 85% of the company's tech workers, and 77% of its management team, are also men.

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Like other tech giants, Facebook is very white and very male
Facebook has followed Google and Yahoo in revealing just how diverse its workforce is, and just like the other two tech giants, it's a whole lot white and a whole lot male.

Just over two-thirds of Facebook's global workforce is male, but that number shoots up to 85 percent when just core "tech" employees, largely engineers, are counted. Among senior management, the company counts 77 percent as male.

Facebook releases diversity figures: They look a lot like Google's and Yahoo's
For the first time ever, Facebook released its workplace diversity figures. The numbers were made public yesterday, in a blog post written by Global Head of Diversity Maxine Williams. The company is mostly male, white and Asian.

This public disclosure, of both gender and diversity statistics, follows the trend of other large tech companies, spurred by a late May release from Google. Since Google made its numbers public Chegg, LinkedIn and Yahoo have also released their workforce breakdown.

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