Dotcom's 'Internet Party' Aims to Shake Up NZ Politics

Posted in: Government & Policy at 26/06/2014 13:14

Just four months after dropping the first hints, Kim Dotcom is now openly discussing his plans for New Zealand's political arena. The entrepreneur has just confirmed the founding of the Internet Party, a new political group preparing to shake up the 2014 elections. With information on party co-workers now leaking out, this year should be another exciting one for the charismatic German.

Against what seemed like insurmountable odds following a 2012 armed raid on his impressive home, Kim Dotcom not only recovered with a new file-sharing venture the following year but also began to win the hearts of minds of the general public.

Although his popularity found few borders due to the nature of the Internet, residents of New Zealand welcomed him with unrivaled enthusiasm, particularly during his many media and public appearances. Buoyed by this warm reception, Dotcom set his eyes on shaping the future.

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Dotcom's Internet Party Wants to Abolish "Geo Blocking" Restrictions
Kim Dotcom's Internet Party has proposed drastic changes to New Zealand's "outdated" copyright law. One of the key proposals is to legalize the circumvention of geo-blocking restrictions, so that Hollywood has an incentive to release content globally. In addition, the party also wants to get rid of Internet disconnections under the three-strikes law.

Last January, exactly two years after the Megaupload raid, Kim Dotcom entered New Zealand's political arena with the launch of his Internet Party.

The party is currently preparing for the general election in September. While Dotcom will not be on the voting ballot himself, he remains one of the main influencers of the party's policy.

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