Rights holders are 'control freaks peddling futility-on-a-stick,' says iiNet

Posted in: Online TV/Music at 24/06/2014 18:17

As the piracy debate rages on in Australia, iiNet has once again issued a missive to rights holders calling them "content control freaks" who are trying to peddle "futility-on-a-stick" when it comes to tackling piracy.

After recently rejecting calls for a 'three strikes' approach to policing copyright infringement, iiNet chief regulatory officer Steve Dalby has warned that Australia risks becoming "a brain-dead zombie" if it does not learn from mistakes seen in other regions and take a different approach to piracy.

In a strongly-worded blog post on iiNet's website, Dalby said "the content industry has not kept up" with a flourishing piracy industry that is now "totally mainstream", and said consumers have millions of options for finding and downloading content illegally.

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