Facebook frees the nipple, finally allows breast-feeding photos

Posted in: Internet Use/New Technologies at 17/06/2014 19:34

When people have babies, they tend to plaster Facebook with photos of their bouncy, chubby-cheeked offspring. Baby photos are so prominent in users' feeds, some people fed up with toddler glamor shots have tried to block baby pictures from their Facebook... but for every person tired of seeing their friends' profile pictures replaced with the visage of a human who recently dwelled inside her body, there's a mom or dad or aunt eager to share the baby love.

Because of the Facebook-baby-photo bonanza, breastfeeding pictures often crop up as part of the baby-haver Facebook experience. Facebook has been criticized for removing breastfeeding photos before, although a spokesperson told the Daily Dot the social network has "always allowed breast-feeding photos." The social network recently amended its help page three weeks ago, clarifying that yes, Facebook is cool with the celebration of lactation.

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