Which countries are the world's spammiest nations?

Posted in: Spam at 23/04/2014 11:56

US continues to top the list of the ten most spam spreading countries, with Spain breaking into the league for the first time this quarter and taking the second position in the chart.

For the quarter ending in March, US had the most spam, being responsible for 16.4% of the total spam sent across the world, according to a report from security firm Sophos.http://www.cbronline.com/news/security/is-your-country-among-top-spam-spreading-nations-220414-4217899

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The 12 Spammiest Countries on Earth [The Atlantic]
Americans like to associate their spam with other countries. They joke about Chinese spammers, or Nigerians or Russians. It's a time-honored nativist tradition.

But, according to the new quarterly report from the security and spam monitoring company Sophos, computers inside the United States relay -- by far -- the most spam. And we have in every quarter of the past year.

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