Which phones do world leaders use?

Posted in: Mobile & Wireless at 30/03/2014 01:53

For years, the well-connected world leader would use nothing but a BlackBerry to get their email on the move - and it is still Barack Obama's phone of choice. He uses a model specially enhanced by the US National Security Agency. But the news earlier this month that the White House Communications Agency is testing other phones, including models by Samsung and LG, sent shivers through fans of the struggling Canadian smartphone company, which has just announced an annual loss of $5.8bn.

For a world leader, security is much more than just having a passcode on your phone; it also means protecting it against attempted incursions from all the amateur and professional hackers, and more importantly spy agencies, who want to know to whom, when, what and where you have been speaking and reading. For a country's leader to have their phone eavesdropped is the ultimate failure of their national spy agency, and a huge loss of face. With enhancements, BlackBerry has been the spy agencies' phone of choice to guard against that so far. Now, though, Apple and Samsung - the two largest makers of smartphones - are starting to knock on the security services' doors.

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