Verisign Launches DomainScope To Help Searching For That Magical Domain

Posted in: Domain Names at 21/10/2013 21:46

Finding the perfect domain name for your new business or idea is invariably difficult. Or costs some money. To help with this Verisign have launched DomainScope.

DomainScope is a new domain name discovery tool designed to enhance the search for unique, relevant domain name choices in the .com, .net, .tv and .cc top level domains that Verisign acts as a registry for. The tool incorporates the same functionality found as in Verisign's DomainFinder, DomainScore and DomainCountdown tools, but brings all these into one tool and it uncovers new domain name registration opportunities in one place.

DomainScope allows those looking for their next great domain name a product that offers distinctive name suggestions, and relevant details about a domain name. Verisign's domain name acquisition tools are consolidated into one easy-to-use website and there will be additional new features in the future that add to the name discovery process.

DomainScope enables users to focus their search and uncover new domain registration opportunities, while providing more information about a domain name prior to registering it. To start the process, users simply enter keywords and DomainScope's engine renders suggestions for domain names that are available.

From there, DomainScope enables users to discover domain name registration opportunities through learning about the recent history of a domain name, understanding a domain name's DNS traffic patterns, and knowing which domains are available that are receiving traffic.

DomainScope offers a robust toolset for developers and domain investors, with access to a number of application programming interfaces (APIs) to connect to their own websites or applications.

So too take the guesswork out of finding your next .com, .net, .tv or .cc domain name, visit

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