Digital Archery Terminated - But It's Unlikely To Be Back!

Posted in: Domain Names at 29/06/2012 20:25

ICANN killed off the controversial digital archery process for selecting the order in which applicants for new generic Top Level Domains will be selected.

At the ICANN meeting in Prague this week, the board resolved that the New gTLD Program Committee direct the President and CEO to terminate the Digital Archery process.

According to a notice on the ICANN website, the rationale for the decision was:
To remain accountable to the ICANN community, after careful consideration of the objections raised to the digital archery process, and following the suspension of the process after identification of a technical issue, the New gTLD Program Committee's decision provides finality to the community on the status of the digital archery process. This decision will not have any impact on the security, stability or resiliency of the DNS as a result of this decision.

It is a move that will disappoint some, but probably please most. Those disappointed will be service providers for digital archery services. But it is unlikely many will be too disappointed due to the vagaries in the system.

Those disappointed could also be applicants who have paid for digital archery services as ICANN have said new gTLD applicants that invested in third party digital archery services will not be compensated by ICANN following the suspension of the programme.

The decision to terminate digital archery services will see the current timetable of commencing evaluating applications on 12 July stuck to, but how evaluation happens has not yet been made public. Or maybe ICANN are yet to make a decision. Decisions still have to be made on how ICANN will go about processing the 1930 new gTLD applications.

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