Internet governance: In praise of chaos - Governments' attempts to control the internet should be resisted

Posted in: Governance at 30/09/2011 18:44

For something so central to the modern world, the internet is shambolically governed. It is run by a hotch-potch of organisations with three- to five-letter acronyms. Many of their meetings, both online and offline, are open to the public. Some -- like the Internet Governance Forum, which held its annual meeting in Nairobi this week -- are just talking shops. Decision-making is slow and often unpredictable.

It is in short a bit chaotic. But sometimes chaos, even one that adherents like to claim somewhat disingenuously is a "multi-stakeholder" approach, is not disastrous: the internet mostly works. And the shambles is a lot better than the alternative -- which nearly always in this case means governments bringing the internet under their control.

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