Samsung and Microsoft settle Android licensing dispute

Posted in: Mobile & Wireless at 29/09/2011 18:34

Samsung has agreed to pay Microsoft what could amount to hundreds of millions of dollars in royalties after it settled a bitter dispute over the Korean manufacturer's Android smartphones and tablets.

The technology giants announced an agreement on Wednesday about the use of Google's Android software.

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Microsoft's Brad Smith: We Haven't Seen an Android Product That Doesn't Infringe on Our Patents
Although Microsoft says it evaluates each phone and tablet individually, General Counsel Brad Smith said Wednesday that it believes every hardware maker that ships an Android device has a patent issue that needs to be addressed.

"So far we have not seen a single Android device that does not infringe on our patents," Smith said. Microsoft's solution is fairly simple: it is seeking a per-unit royalty for each Android product that ships. The company reached a key milestone on Wednesday as it announced that it had signed a deal with Samsung under which the Korean firm will pay Microsoft a royalty for every Android phone and tablet it sells.

Samsung, Microsoft deal strikes blow to Google
Microsoft and Samsung Electronics reached a patent-sharing deal, striking a blow at Google's effort to provide free software to makers of smartphones and tablet personal computers.

For months, Microsoft and Apple have pressured Google and makers of smartphones and tablets based on its Android operating software to recognise that Android incorporates some of their designs -- and either pay them or alter the products to avoid those designs.

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