Beijing Olympics To Trump London On IPv6 Adoption

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Supporters of the adoption of IPv6 had been hoping that the London Olympics in 2012 would follow the 2008 Beijing Olympics where "the Chinese government boasted proudly of the way it was using IPv6 for its network infrastructure" reports the Wall Street Journal.

But sadly this is not to be with a spokesperson for the London 2012 organisers saying:
Such is the scale of technology required for Olympic Games, it tends to be tried and tested. We work closely with our technology partners to ensure that we have operational certainty across the project. As such we will be using IPv4 for London 2012.

The move has disappointed those working towards IPv6 adoption such as Axel Pawlik, managing director of the European not-for-for-profit internet registry Ripe NCC.

"Adopting IPv6 would be a great opportunity for London to lead by example and to leave a lasting technology legacy for the city as well," Mr. Pawlik said. "The cost would be negligible in the context of other expenditure on stadiums and so on."

Pawlik also noted that it is unlikely there will be any IPv4 addresses still available by the time of the London Olympics.

In Beijing, according to Mr. Pawlik, IPv6 was used for everything from high-definition video to security systems and traffic-congestion monitoring using sensors fitted to 15,000 Beijing taxis. "If London doesn't adopt it, this really will be an economic opportunity missed," he said.

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