Why Facebook Works for All, Twitter for Some

Posted in: Internet Use/New Technologies at 28/09/2011 19:44

It finally makes sense to me.

On Friday evening I was in Los Angeles visiting my sister. We were at a restaurant, chatting away about life, when my sister ebulliently announced that she wanted to "Tweet about our meal." She pulled out her iPhone, opened up the Twitter application and then proceeded to click around aimlessly trying to figure out how to send a new Twitter message. I quickly turned into a scientist in a lab and sat inquisitively watching her navigate Twitter. I didn't offer any guidance, although she clearly needed it.

I should note that my sister is not technologically inept. She has the typical digital toolbox of modern gadgets at her disposal: iPhone, iPad, laptop, digital camera. Like everyone else in my family, she is also a religious Facebook user, uploading pictures of her kids and updating her status regularly, often from her mobile phone.

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