Details are emerging of a new privacy issue for the users of social networking giant Facebook

Posted in: Legal & Security at 27/09/2011 14:03

Facebook is facing its most serious privacy issue to date, with claims that it is collecting user's information after they have logged out.

The issue, raised by Australian born blogger Nik Cubrilovic, has sparked a major privacy debate on the internet overnight, and follows Cubrilovic's demonstration on his blog of Facebook keeping its browser cookies active after a user has logged out of the social network.

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Facebook 'euthanising privacy', but denies tracking users
Facebook has denied that it tracks its users' web surfing even when they are logged out, saying it only uses tracking cookies to personalise content and to make the site more secure.

Australian technologist Nik Cubrilovic this week accused Facebook of using cookies to track users when they are logged off from the service.

Facebook tracks you, even after leaving site
Facebook is following you, even when you have logged out.

An Australian technology expert has discovered Facebook tracks the websites its users visit after they leave the social networking site. Nik Cubrilovic said his tests showed Facebook did not delete its tracking cookies when you logged out but modified them, maintaining account information and other unique tokens that could identify you.

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