CDT & Berkman Report Provides Guidelines for Dilemmas of Account Deactivation and Content Removal

Posted in: Internet Use/New Technologies at 25/09/2011 14:01

A report released today by the Center for Democracy & Technology and the Berkman Center for Internet & Society highlights the dilemmas companies and users face when enforcement of a website's Terms of Use policy results in deactivation of user accounts or removal of user-generated content. The report recommends principles, strategies, and tools that both companies and users can adopt to lessen the negative effects of account deactivation and content removal.

The report, "Account Deactivation and Content Removal: Guiding Principles and Practices for Companies and Users," outlines select examples of good company practices. Such practices feature rules and enforcement policies that are sensitive to users' free expression and privacy rights and to the potential risks faced by human rights activists, who are increasingly using social media tools in their work.

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