Will Super Wi-Fi Live Up To Its Name? The next generation of Wi-Fi was supposed to offer a big boost in capacity and range

Posted in: Internet Use/New Technologies at 22/09/2011 14:45

It's likely that a few years from now, Americans' laptops, smart phones, and other wireless devices will be able to get online using "Super Wi-Fi," a new standard that will increase capacity in places where regular Wi-Fi networks have become overcrowded. The bad news: most people won't be able to use those airwaves to make long-range connections, which was supposed to be the major technological advance that would put the "super" in Super Wi-Fi.

A new model for managing America's airwaves was unveiled Monday, as part of a plan by Federal Communications Commission chairman Julius Genachowski to ease what he calls America's "spectrum crisis." As wireless devices proliferate, Genachowski has repeatedly said, the U.S. needs to free up more spectrum for modern uses.

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