Google Is Going Face to Facebook; Opens to Public

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Turns out Google+ knows how to add.

The search giant's recently launched social network rolled out new features Tuesday while removing its velvet rope of exclusivity and opening itself up to all comers. That should keep the heat on more dominant social platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Still, it remains far behind and will have to keep innovating to catch up.

Launched as an invitation-only network in June, Google+ saw usage skyrocket early on. It had 10 million users within two weeks. And comScore estimates unique visitors jumped to nearly 25 million world-wide by the end of July. Yet Facebook claims over 750 million active users world-wide and Twitter 100 million.

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Google+ Social Network Opened to Public
Google Inc. on Tuesday broadened its assault on rival Facebook Inc. by opening its Google+ online social network to the public.

The company also introduced new features to Google+, including the ability to search for information about topics such as cooking and photography, and along with the ability to see relevant Google+ users and their posts on such topics, as well as relevant content from around the Web.

Google+ opens social network to everyone
Google+ is being opened up for anyone to join after two-and-a-half months in closed testing.

The search firm's latest foray into social networking was initially offered to journalists and people working in technology related fields.

However, members' ability to invite friends meant its user base quickly grew to tens of millions.

Google+ public launch takes battle to Facebook and Twitter
Google has opened its ambitious social networking site Google+ to the public, having attracted more than 20 million users for aits 12-week invitation-only trial.

The public launch marks a significant moment in the search giant's challenge to Facebook, which has almost 800 million active users around the world, and the messaging service Twitter, which has more than 100 million members.

Google+ Opens Up to All Comers
Google on Tuesday opened its invitation-only social network, Google+, to anyone who wants to join at

Google+ emphasizes privacy -- like easily sharing with select groups of siblings or colleagues -- and features like a video chat service called Hangouts. For Google, it is a way to fend off Facebook, which has been attracting users and advertisers, and gain social data to use to improve other Google services like search.

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