UK cyber-readiness is 'patchy', says Chatham House

Posted in: Legal & Security at 16/09/2011 14:02

The UK government is not sharing enough information about cyberthreats with critical infrastructure organisations, according to Chatham House, the Royal Institute of International Affairs.

Critical national infrastructure (CNI) organisations, which include banks, utilities companies and transport companies, are not getting enough intelligence from the government about the extent of cybersecurity dangers, Chatham House analyst David Livingstone told ZDNet UK on Thursday.

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UK business executives should be more aware of cyber threats, report says
A report by researchers at international and current affairs think-tank Chatham House said that many UK businesses operated with an "unexpectedly high level of risk" to online security and that senior managers were not aware of the "nature" of problems that faced them.

"While the question of cyber security appears to be ascending in boardroom consciousness, many senior managers still seem largely uninformed about the nature of cyber threats to their businesses and - just as significantly - do not know where to turn for high-quality information on threats and responses," the Chatham House report.

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