In South Korea, the Only Thing Worse Than Online Censorship is Secret Online Censorship

Posted in: Censorship at 11/09/2011 20:38

In South Korea, even the censors are being censored. Professor K.S. Park, who sits on South Korea's nine-member Internet content regulatory board, has found his own blog under threat of censorship when he used it as platform to speak out for transparency and free expression.

South Korea is one of few global democracies that has enacted substantial controls on online communications. Earlier, the country's Telecommunications Business Act (1991), which states that ''a person in use of telecommunications shall not make communications with contents that harm the public peace and order or social morals and good customs", as well as the Information and Communication Ethics Committee (ICEC), formed in 1995, set the stage for government restrictions on a wide variety of online content. Furthermore, the country's anti-communist National Security Law (NSL), enacted in 1948, justifies the censorship of websites related to North Korea or communism. These nebulous, overbroad laws can be interpreted not only to cover content deemed obscene, but also content that is political or historical in nature.

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