Microsoft says helps take down spam email network

Posted in: Spam at 19/03/2011 15:30

Microsoft Corp claimed credit on Thursday for taking down one of the biggest producers of spam e-mail in a joint effort with federal authorities across the United States.

The world's biggest software company said its legal action against the operator of the Rustock 'botnet' -- or network of infected computers programmed to send spam e-mail -- led to raids across the country on Thursday which effectively shut the network down.

Spam Network Shut Down
Microsoft Corp. and federal law enforcement agents seized computer equipment from Internet hosting facilities across the U.S. in a sweeping legal attack designed to cripple the leading source of junk email on the Internet.

Microsoft launched the raids as part of a civil lawsuit filed in federal court in Seattle in early February against unnamed operators of the Rustock "botnet," a vast network of computers around the globe infected with malicious software that allows its masterminds to distribute enormous volumes of spam, peddling everything from counterfeit software to pharmaceuticals.

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