Russian man tells US court not guilty in global spam scheme

Posted in: Spam at 04/12/2010 16:22

A 23-year-old Russian man pleaded not guilty on Friday to charges he operated a spam e-mail business that may have accounted for a third of global spam, and he was ordered held without bail.

Appearing in a U.S. court in an orange prison jumpsuit with a lawyer and an interpreter in tow, Oleg Nikolaenko asked a federal magistrate to consider allowing him a form of house arrest in Milwaukee pending trial.

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Russian man pleads not guilty to global spam scheme
A Russian man accused of operating an e-mail spam business that at times accounted for one third of global spam has pleaded not guilty in a federal court in the US state of Wisconsin.

Oleg Nikolaenko is charged with running a global network of more than 500,000 virus-infected personal computers, in violation of a US anti-spam law.

Mr Nikolaenko asked to be allowed a form of house arrest, pending a trial.

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