.DE Becomes Number One ccTLD, Again

Posted in: Domain Names at 04/04/2010 18:30

In a major readjustment of the total number of .CN (China) domain name registrations, .DE (Germany) has once again become the number one country code Top Level Domain (ccTLD).

Figures posted on the China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) website in the past week show total registrations dropped from 13,459,133 as of 31 December to 12,280,081 as of 31 January and 9,535,120 as of 28 February.

The figures contrast to the total number of .DE registrations which currently stand at 13,562,192 as of 3 April. The number of .DE registrations have been constantly growing through what has been a turbulent time for the total number of .CN registrations.

Overall, the top five ccTLDs in terms of total registrations according to the latest available figures are .DE, .CN, .UK (United Kingdom - 8,289,784), .NL (Netherlands - 3,815,698) and .EU (European Union - 3,251,348).

To check out the latest figures for .CN domain name registrations, see www.cnnic.net.cn/html/Dir/2003/12/13/2020.htm while the latest .DE registration figures, updated instantaneously, are available from www.denic.de/en/homepage.html#c209.

To register your .CN or .DE domain name, or any other, check out EuroDNS or Europe Registry.

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