Twitter slashes spam levels to one per cent

Posted in: Spam at 25/03/2010 15:07

Twitter claims to have dramatically reduced the amount of spam on its micro-blogging site in the past six months.

The company said that spam levels peaked at nearly 11 per cent of tweets in August 2009, but had been cut to under one per cent by February this year.

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Twitter: Spam Reduced To 1% Of Tweets Per Day
Twitter says its spam levels have dropped significantly to a new low of 1 percent of all tweets -- a major decrease from the level of nearly 11 percent in August 2009.

Spam has been steadily declining as of December, from about 4 percent to the current volume of 1 percent as of February, according to a graphic on spam traffic posted by Twitter. Spammy tweets averaged in the 5 to 6 percent range most of last year, but started to dwindle in the fall, with occasional spikes, according to the data.

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